Tim Pahuta's Page

Tim Pahuta is a Traveling Happiness Coach from Whitehouse Station, NJ. He has been traveling the United States for the past 16 years— as a professional baseball player, a West Coast Sales Manager, and now— as a coach.


Through years of deep introspective work following a perspective altering health scare— including layers of intensive coaching, multiple leadership platforms and personal introspective guided and unguided deep mental work— Tim began coaching within his practice, Pahooter Health & Wellness, in March 2017.


Tim has been working with the Life Mapping™ platform under the mentorship of Jim Brown since the summer of 2017 and became the first Affiliated Life Mapping™ Coach (ALMC) in the US in January 2018.


Tim is officially accepting full-time Mapping clients as well as training future ALMC’s. He can be reached via Facebook, IG, Twitter, iMessage, What’s App, Voxer, Venmo and email, but an outright phone call is his preferred meeting.


Tim is currently in Denver, Colorado and works with people by phone all over the world! To learn more about Tim please visit his blog “Life Navigation” 


To schedule a Mapping Consultation with Tim, please visit his online calendar for availability here