Life Mapping Starter Package

Get started on the Life Mapping journey!

Why Life Mapping™?

Life Mapping™ helps you see and tell the story of the meaning of your life.

Life Mapping™ reveals barriers that stand in the way of you creating the future you desire.

Life Mapping™ helps your coach understand where you need assistance.

Life Mapping Starter Package — Everything you need to begin your journey

The Life Mapping™ process gives you a powerful tool to create your future:

  1. Your deep insights about the future are surfaced
  2. Your motivation to create the future is increased
  3. Your commitment to achieve your goals is strengthened

The Life Mapping Starter Package has the following valuable components

  • Your Life Navigator — a self-administered tool that helps you create 12 key attributes of your future
  • Your Life Map — A full color customised Life Map, based on Your Life Navigator
  • 1/2 Hour Online Session with a Life Mapping Expert — Helps you understand your Life Map


Templates for Life Maps

You choose among Life Map templates like these. We use the one you select to create your personalized Life Map using the information your created in Your Life Navigator