Interested in Becoming an Accredited Life Mapping Coach?

The basics of becoming an accredited Life Mapping Coach

Our proposal to you

We believe that Life Mapping is a transformational tool for Life Coaches. It can significantly change the way you do coaching and dramatically improve the value you deliver to your clients — and yield benefits to your business as well. (See Benefit summary below) This brief discussion is meant to whet your appetite. We would appreciate the opportunity to have an online conversation with you — we use Zoom conferencing — and tell you more + answer your questions. Please contact us via the “Let’s start a conversation” details below and we’ll be in touch.

What is an accredited Life Mapping Coach?

Very simply, as an accredited Life Mapping Coach you are entitled to all the privileges of that position:

  • Training in the Life Mapping process
  • Access to all the most up to date delivery materials
  • Support with delivery to your clients
  • Access to an online portal, and a community of Life Mapping Coaches
  • Referrals of prospects

Why become a Life Mapping Coach?

You may already be an experienced Life Coach — or you may be just starting your career. As a new coach, Life Mapping gives you a well designed, easy to deliver and powerful way to begin to coach your clients. As an experienced coach, Life Mapping can easily fit with your current process — and deliver benefits to you and your client. (See typical benefits below)

How do you become an accredited Life Mapping Coach?

We offer a flexible training approach to fit your busy schedule. We require you to complete six (6) hours of online live training and to pass a final review test before you are accredited. Following your accreditation, we offer support as you begin to use the tools and process of Life Mapping.  As part of the process, you create your own Life Map and we use that to demonstrate coaching techniques.

The benefits of becoming a Life Mapping Coach

Bring more prospects into your pipeline

We provide you with an easily saleable first step in your coaching relationship — the Life Mapping Starter Package. This qualifies people as willing to spend money to learn more about themselves from you. It creates highly qualified prospects for your business,

Deliver more immediate results

Your customers need to experience results to appreciate the value of your coaching. We provide a five-step proven process that creates valuable results quickly, and cements your continuing realtionship with your client.

Deepen your trusted advisor relationships

The Life Mapping process helps you quickly demonstrate your  competence by providing you with opportunities to help the client gain insights from their Life Map. The directed discussions about using their Life Map increase your credibility as a coach.

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