The reason for Life Mapping is very simple… Coaches, mentors, gurus, change agents, counselors will all tell you that in order to move forward towards a future that is desirable- one must first create a desirable vision of the future. Makes total sense right? But, How many people have actually gotten clear on their vision?

Without putting time and imagination into where we are headed and why it is so important that we get there, it will be very easy to, either never take a step forward in ANY direction, or quit as soon as the first difficulty or challenge arises.

There ARE going to be challenges and there ARE going to be things that must be figured out… The clearer the vision and the stronger the reason create our ability to push forward through these challenges- To see solutions where others see problems, to actually MOVE in any direction at all…

Life Maps are a particularly powerful tool because they are created solely by the client… The words that are put on that map, the goals, even the map template itself are all chosen by the creator of the map… My Life Map is labeled Tim’s Life Map for a reason- I created it– It’s because of this simple fact, that it works.

The things that end up on a map are commited to because they are chosen by the creator

Choice comes from nothing and, therefore- choice leads to commitment and follow-through, results and our personal belief in our future potential

The Truth is– what we choose, declare and focus on ultimately leads to our results– whether we choose to believe it or not 😉


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