“Know the true direction of your Life journey and follow your inner compass to get there.”
A compass is a good metaphor to use for guiding the direction of your life.  But most people have never used a real compass so they actually don’t know how to unpack the compass metaphor to apply it to their life journey. Here is a simple guide to using a real compass (with how to use your  metaphorical inner compass to guide your life in parenthesis):
  1. Align the north pointing needle of your compass with north of the compass (In your life, you have to discern which direction you feel pulled toward, which is your inner north)
  2. Align north of the compass with north of the map where you are located (Of course you have to have a map of your future life to do this.)
  3. Decide which direction you want to go on your map and note the compass heading (You know where you are now; you know where you want to go in your life. You need to plan your trip in that new direction and increase your inner compass’s energy in that direction)
  4. Finally, use the compass to follow the path you have chosen, even when you can’t see any landmarks (You have headed in a new direction and you need to track how well you’re traveling. Sometimes you’re lost so your inner compass is your only guide.)

Too complicated for you? Here is the idea in a nutshell. Know where you want to go, versus where you are, sense where you are being pulled, energize your inner compass, and keep track of where you are going. A Life Map is a big help. https://lifemapping.me

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