You probably recognize half of Neil Armstrong’s pithy statement when he first stepped on to the moon. But do you ever think you might need some words like that yourself?

You’ve been selected for a significant honor or award, by your national government. You have to make an acceptance speech, and have decided to look back at what led up to you winning this award. Could you remember the first step that you took?

I think that the question of how we got to where we are in life is basically unanswerable. Too many threads, too many small decisions. If we are famous, we might remember a particular person who helped us — a parent, teacher, coach or friend — but they only deserve partial credit.

In actuality, our first step to where we are today probably took place when our worldview or mindset gained enough strength to guide us. Our choices and decisions were heavily influenced by our view of the meaning of things. The clarity and intensity of our intentions depend on the meaning we attach to controlling our own destiny.

Sharpen your clarity about your future desires and intentions by creating your own unique life map. See for how to do that.

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