Affiliate Coaches

Become an Affiliate Coach and grow your business:

  • Life Mapping™ is a proven, innovative life coaching template that your clients will value highly 

  • We provide our affiliate coaches with qualified prospects by offering a valuable Life Mapping Starter Package on our website to people interested in self-development

  • FREE training to deliver Life Mapping™ .

Every Life Coach wants to work with clients who are seriously interested in developing themselves. As an Affiliate Coach you will receive introductions to people who have demonstrated their interest in self-development by completing our Life Mapping Starter Package [Click here to see a summary]
We train Affiliate Life Coaches for FREE to deliver the innovative Life Mapping™ process. We work closely with them so that they become masters of this process. Life Mapping™  is unique because it deepens the value Life Coaches deliver to clients and fits with whatever coaching system they currently use.
Learn how you might become an Affiliate Coach and thus obtain a license to use the Life Mapping™ process.

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